Region.  State.  Nation.

I was just at lunch with a friend that has worked in Urban Planning.  We were discussing The CEDI Society and various elements of economic development. He was describing to me some of the difficulties that he had encountered in attempting to get projects completed.  His perspective was how at the micro or local level, issues became so impossible to agree upon, that projects were simply abandoned.

I thought about this and reminded myself of the need to educate folks on the “Big Picture”.  Growth in a Region is growth for a State and ultimately growth for a Nation.  If we can find ways to help those at the local level, see the “Big Picture”, collaborations with Regional, State and National organizations will not only be possible, but also become a key element of Local growth.

When I state “educate folks”, I am not necessarily talking about people who work in government or corporate America.  I am talking about all citizens.  It is critical that all American are educated about various economic issues.  Education is the foundation for all economic growth.  We have to engage and educate our citizens so that when ideas for economic development are presented, they have the depth of knowledge to provide valuable feedback to project developers.  We need to find way to motivate our citizens to  want to contribute and participate in economic issues and then provide the platforms that allow for such participation.  The CEDI Society provides these types of platforms.

Remember what John F. Kennedy famously stated:  Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.  This idea and concept is a firm belief of the CEDI Society and a critical element of what it is going to take to help our economy and our citizens prosper.

Think beyond yourself and your immediate surroundings and the rewards will find you.