When thinking about economic development, I like to consider two kinds of participants who make a tremendous contribution to our economy: Entrepreneurs and Artists. Why? Because entrepreneurs & artists each create something new…and this creation is what actually grows our economy.

Entrepreneurs, of course, get plenty of recognition for their various economic contributions, but what about artists? To begin with, simply think about what is being sold over the Internet or at your favorite shopping area.  Things like music, clothing, movies, candles, toys and books.  Artists create these items and therefore this form of economic activity.

Then think about the people who travel to cities like New York, San Francisco, Paris or Rome.  They spend a good bit of their hard-earned money attending the theatre, admiring the public art, visiting museums, enjoying a movie or attending a music festival.  You can even think about your favorite sports team; the designers who created the uniforms, logos and even the mascot are all artists.  We all understand the economic contribution of travel and entertainment.  Well, artists are responsible for fueling these areas of the economy.

If we take the time to notice, the economic contributions and value of artists are all around us. 

We need to remind ourselves that there is more to economic development than corporate relocations and factory construction.

Please support your local arts programs, the rewards are timeless.