I was speaking with a friend today and we were discussing various topics including what each of us had been up to lately.  I started to tell him about CEDI, the organization that I am now involved with and what we hope to accomplish.

He stopped me as soon as I said the word CEDI.  He said “Hold on a second. What the heck is CEDI?” Given how often I mention CEDI in my blog articles, I thought that I should explain.

The CEDI Society is a non-partisan organization that allows members to share ideas, create projects and discover resources that will help make our nation a better place to live, work and succeed.  CEDI believes that the citizens of our country have much to offer and can effectively contribute towards various elements of economic growth through a collaborative platform.  CEDI’s goal is to Engage Americans to once again take pride in their nation, state and region and encourage them to take action through CEDI sponsored initiatives.

CEDI stands for the “Citizens Economic Development Initiative”.

CEDI provides platforms that allow citizens across all socio-economic levels to participate and contribute towards expanding American economic, social and cultural growth opportunities.  CEDI members collaborate in Strategic Development Initiatives, Education Programs, Political Advocacy Platforms and Public Service Offerings that will help provide for a bright future for all Americans.

CEDI serves individuals and businesses with common pro-growth interests that wish to enhance or increase their participation in the resurgence of our nation’s diverse economy.  The organization will act as a dynamic voice & resource for individuals and businesses regarding important economic, social and cultural issues.

The CEDI mission is to provide an organized and proactive forum that allows individuals across the nation to collaborate with businesses, government and academia to help advance economic growth in the United States.

CEDI believes that many issues that provide economic benefit and opportunity in the United States have been neglected for far too long.  CEDI believes that in order for our country to return to being a nation of growth and opportunity for all of its citizens, it must expand and develop programs that contribute towards quality education, simple regulatory environments, a more level playing field for investment, business expansion, job growth and healthy, engaged communities.

CEDI and its members are committed to renewing these elements of the economy by:

  • Raising Awareness and Educating citizens about the true status of the American and global economies, including all of the current opportunities in the United States and paying special attention to educating citizens about the dangers and consequences of inaction.
  • Advocating for Federal and State Legislation that will help to ensure every American citizen has the opportunities and tools needed to succeed in our ever-evolving global economy.
  • Identifying and Executing Regional-Level Actions Plans that will allow citizens and businesses to collaborate and help turn their regions into diverse communities of economic growth with healthy living standards.

CEDI’s five core areas of focus are:

Education – Advocacy – Service – Investment – Collaboration

CEDI believes that the United States is truly a nation “Of the People, For the People and By the People” and that all citizens can contribute towards making our country a better place to live, work and grow businesses.  CEDI is where they can come together and collaborate as a united organization of action that can truly make a difference in our country’s future.